The Shape of The Perfect Sound

Absolute Still has been studied, designed and realized by extreme structural rigidity with the aim of maximizing the reduction of vibrations in the audio band - from 20 to 20,000 Hertz - which are extremely harmful for the extraction of the audio signal from the vinyl LP’s.

Absolute Still Zero Vibration

by Physics

The absolutely unconventional shape is not signed by a designer but is the result of the application of the laws of physics that regulate the reproduction of sound.

The materials used are the most performing for structural rigidity and vibration isolation.

Designed by Physics

of Perfection

The separate component structure - platter, motor, air supports - innovates and revolutionizes the turntable concept. The end product, “Absolute Still”, is a turntable with superlative sound quality for a unique listening experience.

The Pursuit of Perfection

Francesco Meli

Francesco Meli, a world renowned tenor, after listening to the sound our turntable produces
has become one of the most important admirers of Absolute Still.
Photo courtesy of: Victor Santiago

Francesco Meli

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